Unsurprisingly, depression can be one of the most crippling side effects of a break up. A large portion of people who endure break ups suffer from post break up depression and it can be a pretty horrible experience to deal with.
Not only will post break up depression damage your chances of getting back together with your ex, but it can savagely damage just about every other aspect of your life, including your career and your relationships with other loved ones. Not to mention, you’ll feel lousy almost all of the time.
So, are you depressed after your break up? Here are some of the most common symptoms of depression:
You’ll feel in a constantly low mood, and sometimes you just wont want to get out of your own bed.
You may suffer a feeling of worthlessness and terribly poor self esteem.
You will lose interest in things that you once cared about greatly. This can include career, and even hobbies and interests.
You’ll struggle to motivate yourself to perform even the simplest of tasks. In come instances, even something almost inane such as brushing your teeth will become a herculean effort.
You may find it very hard to make decisions.
You might suffer from thoughts of self harm, and may feel anxious and worried even for the smallest of things.
Those are the mental symptoms – there are also additional physical symptoms of depression that will include slowing down in movement and speech, appetite issues, psychosomatic pains, loss of sexual appetites and sleep issues among others.
Now, if you suffer from a selection of the above, then the last thing you want to be thinking of is trying to attempt any sort of reconciliation with your ex. Why? Because you wont be in the right frame of mind to make the right impression. It’s hard to make someone else happy when you yourself are a bit of a mess.
The solution, perhaps obviously, is to treat your depression first and THEN tackle the challenge of a relationship reconciliation.
Many people suffer from depression at some point in their lives, and it is nothing to be scared of or ashamed of. It is however important to get some help as quickly as possible.
Here’s how to treat depression that has been caused by a break up:
The first step of course is to get a little help. Schedule an appointment with your doctor, and do not procrastinate when it comes to doing this. The sooner you can get some help, and the right treatments, the sooner you’ll be back onto the right path towards good health, and hopefully your ex!
In cases of mild depression, the issue may in fact just correct itself without the need for any medication or therapy.
Exercise is often a pretty good natural aid to depression. That’s because exercise helps release feel good hormones that naturally help improve your mood.
Therapy – Your doctor may decide that your depression needs some therapy with a counsellor for you to get better. This could also be accompanied with some anti depressants. If your depression is extremely severe, your doctor may refer you to a specialist.
Ultimately, only you can help yourself if your break up has left you feeling depressed. And the first step is in getting an accurate and professional diagnosis.

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