Heart wrenching might possibly be a close enough term to describe a teary break up – but for many couples around the world, breaking up is often an un-necessary evil, leaving both people utterly miserable.
Breakups happen for a myriad of reasons, and while some times a break up is the best outcome for both people, it all too often happens due to unfortunate, petty misunderstandings and ineffective communication.
Human relations are complex, and understanding the core reasons for the relationship break down is the very first step to determining what went wrong and how it might be fixed. The good news is that people DO get back together all the time.
This is really the first key step because in order to hopefully get your ex back, and make it a lasting relationship – only by addressing the key issues that caused the breakdown can you create a new relationship that will last the test of time.
Major breakdowns of relationships normally include:
Falling out of love – sometimes, people just fall out of love and there’s not much that you can do about that. However, sometimes people THINK they have fallen out of love, but some time away from each other makes them realize that they miss their partners.
Cheating – In a Cosmo poll, it was found that 36% of relationship breakups were caused by infidelity.
Loss of trust – If either partner does not trust the other, it can often end up in a break up.
Constantly arguing – many couples just fight seemingly all the time, and it can be the cause of a breakup.
Money problems – One of the most prevalent break up causes are financial woes.
Poor sexual relationship – the sexual fire can get less intense with time. While there are always ways to change and improve a sex life, it is still one of the major causes for break ups.
Lack of ambition from one partner – If one person is highly driven and motivated but the other is rather less so, it can often cause tension within a relationship. Often, this tension can get so bad that it can ultimately lead to a breakup.
Poor family cohesion – Some couples can break up because they don’t exactly gel with their partners friends and families.
Being too clingy – some people are just a little more needy and clingy than others. Some people find clingy behaviour a turn off, and this can often lead to relationship issues.
There can of course be other issues as well. Problems with kids (or lack thereof), issues concerning lack of a proposal, and just general boredom and dullness (eg stopping with the sweet little things that used to make the relationship worth being in)
Every relationship is markedly different and will have different challenges. However, it’s always worth remembering – and letting your ex know – that no relationship can ever be perfect. If there were happy times, then there may well be something that can be salvaged if both partners are willing to work on the major issue(s) that caused the breakup.

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