While there are many general tips and strategies that can be applied to getting your ex back, whether youโ€™re a boy or a girl โ€“ there are some gender specific tips that you probably should be aware of, and thatโ€™s what this article is going to focus on.
Remember that men and women do think very differently, so you really need to get into the opposite gender mindset to understand what little things you need to be doing if you really want your ex back.
Tips For The Men:
Do Not Get Jealous โ€“ That old phrase โ€œjealous boyfriendโ€ exists for a reason. Some men can display a lot of jealousy when it comes to their partners, and that is one trait that you simply have to drop if youโ€™re serious about getting your girl back.
Donโ€™t Vent Or Display Anger โ€“ It doesnโ€™t matter what happened and why the relationship broke down. Displaying anger about her, or the things that happened that caused the relationship breakdown will only serve to create even more distance between you. Past issues will ultimately have to be faced in the event of a reconciliation, but knowing the right time to do this is very important.
Keep Control Of Your Emotions. One of the best chances of reconciliation is by keeping your emotions in check. Become a robot โ€“ no temper, no clinginess or neediness. The very last thing you want to convey to your ex is a feeling of desperation.
Look Your Best. While it may appear shallow, your ex was attracted to you once. Hopefully. Make sure that you look the very best that you can.
Talk To Women. This serves two purposes โ€“ first it shows your ex that youโ€™ve actually moved on a little, and secondly it can get your ex thinking about what sheโ€™s missing out on. Perhaps even getting her a little scared that she might even lose you.
Now, some tips for the women:
Dress To Kill โ€“ This is arguably more important for the ladies to do, than the men. Itโ€™s because men are very into their looks, far more so than women. So, look great whenever he has a chance to see you.
Keep It Together โ€“ Donโ€™t portray yourself as if youโ€™re falling apart, this will do nothing but create distance.
Compliment Him โ€“ Do those cutesy little things that made him happy once upon a time. Laugh at any jokes he comes up with, no matter how lame.
Drop Subtle Hints โ€“ Things like touching his arm lightly, or smiling frequently will help him know that you still care about him.
Donโ€™t Try And Analyse The Situation/Break Up With Him โ€“ more likely this will cause a wedge and chuck in a spanner into the reconciliation works. While at some point youโ€™ll need to consider talking with him about the relationship issues, it should never be before there is some mutual possibility of getting together again.
Whether youโ€™re a boy or a girl, remember that people reconcile all the time โ€“ and sometimes itโ€™s just time itself that can heal the problems that broke you up.

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