Ironically, it may well be that the answers to a future with your ex may well lie in the past. What I mean by that is that if you’re considering wanting your ex back in your life, there must have been happy times in the past.
Think back to the very primitive stages of your relationship, and try to recall the little things that you both did that made everything so good. Often, as time passes people understandably stop doing those sweet little things, as the relationship matures and people just get caught up with the mundane and stressful demands of everyday life.
Here are some things that both of you may well have forgotten about:
General Courteous Behaviour – When people first get together in a new relationship, everyone is on their very best behaviour. This not only means talking politely, but almost hiding certain behavioural quirks (like snapping or showing signs of impatience or anger).
Not Taking Your Partner For Granted – As a relationship evolves, people tend to take their partners for granted. This can include forgetting to appreciate the things they do, be that some cooking/cleaning or generally paying for bills etc. No one likes to be taken for granted, and it’s something that can easily creep into a relationship.
Talking About Things – Remember that time when you and your ex would chat away for hours upon hours long into the night? What exactly changed, between then and now? Communication is such an essential aspect of any relationship, and if you can get that back it will be a giant step towards reconciliation.
Have Your Persona And Aura Changed Over Time? I bet when you first met your partner you portrayed a very positive aura. Think back upon how you used to be, and how you came across? Were you a lot of fun? Were you full of beans and bubbly? Were you always making your partner laugh? How about your confidence? Think back on what you used to be like and compare this to how you are now – if there is a huge change, it may well be one of the causes of your relationship breakdown, and if you can put things right it may well help you to reconcile. Especially if you can convey this change to your partner.
Have Your Or Your Partners Circumstances Changes Over Time? Sometimes things can happen that can create problems within a relationship. For example, short term problems can occur, like someone in the relationship losing their job, and so behaving in a more tense and irritable way. These things can, if left unchecked, cause relationship problems. Sometimes, focusing on fixing the problem will naturally lead to you going back to the old you.
Have You Experienced Changes In Your Health Or Looks? Unfortunately, sometimes people just undergo changes in their looks or health that could be detrimental to their relationship. When someone undergoes a problem with their looks o r health, there can be far reaching implications – mood and confidence can suffer, and this can add intolerable strains on your relationship, causing a breakdown. Again, dealing with the underlying issues could be the first step in ultimately getting your ex back.

Getting your ex back can involve a lot of thought, and a lot of soul searching to find out where exactly you went wrong – and looking back at the past to remember those things you did well in the beginning is an all important first step.

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