Ok, so he or sheโ€™s gone. And youโ€™d really rather they were still around โ€“ to snuggle on the sofa with on cold evenings and enjoy long hot summers walking on the beach!
Now, before you start sulking, here are the top things you need to do to get back with your ex super fast. Just keep in mind that while some people do get back together, sometimes no amount of work or changing things on your end can change the fact that he or she just doesnโ€™t want to know.
These super fast tips work better for relationships that do not have major flaws or complications โ€“ and where the break up has been fairly recent. Itโ€™s not serious or deep โ€“ you might even say some of these suggestions are shallow. But if they work, then go for it!
First Super Tip โ€“ Admit your mistakes. Weโ€™re all human and we all make mistakes. If you sincerely think that you really made a mistake, or things that you did precipitated the break up then just flat out admit it. Donโ€™t grovel, but do offer a genuine and unreserved apology. You may just be surprised at how superbly it works.
Second Super Tip โ€“ Play on your exโ€™s weakness. I donโ€™t mean that in a bad way, but unless youโ€™ve been seriously inattentive (in which case, no wonder they left) there will be things that your ex simply loves. Use them. Flaunt whatever pluses you have in front of them. Do it confidently. Sometimes, a not-so-serious breakup only needs a little sugar in order to induce a make up.
Third Super Tip โ€“ Make a full list of all the proโ€™s and cons of both yourself and your relationship. If youโ€™re aware of the characteristics that really upset your partner, and may have been responsible for the break up then include them and if (and ONLY if) your partner is ready to talk, make it clear that youโ€™re willing to work on those things.
Get Closer To Your Partners Family & Friends โ€“ One thing that many people simply ignore is the wider circle of people around their partners. Sometimes, nurturing a closer relationship with your exโ€™s friends and family can bring real rewards, and can help your ex choose you once more. Of course, this is assuming you have not spectacularly burned down all bridges and communication portals between yourself and your ex partners family and friends. If there is someone who you are both on good terms with, you can try and explain to them that you felt the break up was a mistake and that youโ€™d be very willing to try and sort things out. This will get back to your ex, and if they are in roughly the same place there can be a good premise for the starting point of a relationship rebuilding.
Fourth Super Tip โ€“ You wont find this in any get back together with your ex manual, but use SEX if you have to. Sometimes, people break up over the silliest of things, and if youโ€™re fortunate enough to have great sex as one of your relationship pluses โ€“ then using it simply makes sense.
While this article is written ever so slightly with tongue in cheek, thereโ€™s a lot of tips here that can help to reverse those no-so-serious break ups.

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