Perhaps marriage is the highest relationship of them all. If you happen to be in the rather tragic situation of having broken up with your spouse, you can still act in order to save your marriage before it goes to divorce.
The first thing you have to try and put right, as you battle to fight to salvage your marriage is to stop the fighting. Disagreements are fine, and you and your spouse have every right to healthily put opposite sides of the same argument to each other. However, where it can get damaging between a husband and wife is when a legitimate, even heated discussion trespasses onto idle and pointless insults and off the cuff, unrelated taunts. If either, or both of you are doing this, you need to identify it and then stop.
So, how exactly do you go about saving your marriage?
The first step is to communicate effectively. This means when you have disagreements (as is always the case when a marriage faces severe stormy weather) , the two of you both listening to the other persons arguments and points and actually understanding the very cusp of the problem. You don’t have to nod away at everything that they are saying, instead just realize where they are coming from and acknowledge this. You’ll be surprised at how far even a little understanding will go.
Even if your spouse right away does not follow this guideline of listening and understanding, you should stick with it alone. Why? Because over time it will become self evident that you’re trying to be understanding and it’s entirely possible that your partner will also soften up, or at the very least show some more level of courtesy during your disagreements.
Once you are able to talk out your problems in a calmer and more respectful way, have an open and frank discussion about the issues surrounding the marriage. However, don’t just list what bugs you, instead offer workable solutions that you could both live with. Where your partner has problems, ask them to provide mutually acceptable solutions as well.
While you’re having it out, and trying to make each other understand what upsets you most, stay well clear of the blame game. Sorting out a marriage isn’t really about who was right and who was wrong. It’s not about who has the upper hand and the moral high ground. It’s only about fixing a relationship that once was blooming, but which now for some reason seems to have lost its way.
It may seem a really quick fix, but planning a vacation to somewhere nice can be a good first step to get the mood right in fixing your marriage. You can even take your spouse if you want maximum benefit from this tip! Seriously, sometimes a change of environment, to somewhere calmer that you both like can make having those difficult conversations a little easier. You’ll both be somewhat more relaxed, and you’ll be free to talk in a calm and serene way – far better than coming from a truly lousy day at work and then having to talk about why your marriage is on the cusp of disaster.
Break ups are sad at the best of times – however, arguably, the most tragic type of break up is that of a marriage.

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