First of all, and most importantly, the cardinal sin when youโ€™re trying to get an ex back is to appear too needy. Really, this is the very last thing you want to portray as it makes you look pathetic and somewhat ridiculous – if anything, appearing needy will only drive your ex further away from you.

So, rule number one in getting your ex back is โ€“ DONโ€™T BEG FOR HIM OR HER BACK. Even when your heart is breaking, even when you want to pick up the phone and tell them that you can change โ€“ you mustnโ€™t. It would only serve to ruin your chances of an eventual reconciliation.

Here are some other mistakes that you should certainly avoid when considering any reconciliation with your ex:

Not Appearing To Get On With Your Life โ€“ There is an unwritten competition when there is a break up. The competition is, who can get over things and move on and be happy again the fastest. Even if you do want an ultimate reconciliation, one of the fatal mistakes you will ever make is not appearing to get on with your life. In contrast, one of the ways you will command respect is by appearing to grip life firmly by the horns and get on with things. When your partner sees that youโ€™re seemingly moving on, it will really and naturally just make them rethink what it is that they might have lost. So, have some fun. Go out with your friends and enjoy single life. Go to parties, clubs, and whatever else you used to like doing to show your ex partner, and the world, that youโ€™re doing all right. It sure beats hanging around at home in your tracksuits watching reruns of The Simpsons.
Donโ€™t Communicate With Your Ex โ€“ Thatโ€™s right. You need to be a little stand offish. The worse thing that you can do is keep sending your ex emails, phone calls, phone messages and so on. It reeks of desperation and canโ€™t be a good way of building a foundation to get your ex back. Desperation, clinginess and insecurity are not good traits in any person, and it would only drive your ex further and further away from you. In contrast, keeping a more introverted communication practice will help your ultimate chances of a reconciliation โ€“ it portrays confidence, and does not make you seem clingy which is a highly unattractive trait, whether you happen to be male or female.
When You DO Communicate โ€“ Keep It Casual And Breezy. Donโ€™t sound like youโ€™re unhappy, and missing your partner, and as if youโ€™re going to simply die if you donโ€™t reconcile. This would be a huge mistake. Think about it โ€“ if you were your ex, would you be more attracted to a more confident and casual person, or someone who sounds miserable and straight out desperate?

Itโ€™s one of those little ironies of life – the more distant and care free you seem to be, the more likely it will be that your ex will start to think of you, and perhaps even start to miss you.

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